Seeking to live as followers of Christ, our church community strives to be signs of unity and reconciliation and healing in a broken world, and to work for justice and peace. When there is division, we seek to be bridges, to carry the burdens of others, sharing concretely in their suffering, to take risks, never standing still, to be signs of joy and love, to be present and open, ready to receive as well as to give, freeing us all to become who we are meant to be.





Theological Principals:



We believe that as ministers, we can and should learn from the people we serve – especially from the poor and marginalized. When ministry is grounded in mutuality and solidarity, ministers become persons immersed in the world of others, like Jesus was in the world of His time. A minister’s mission emerges in dialogue with others and is given definite direction as the result of this mutuality.


Community building

We recognize that the locus of ministry is the grassroots, the base community.  We strive to discover and help build community with our teachers – the poor and marginalized.  When we meet as a community, we discover a new synthesis of life and faith in Christ.



We recognize that fundamental to the proclamation of God’s revelation to humanity is the discernment of how God is already present and active in the cultures of the world.  We believe in the incarnation of Christ and His redeeming presence in our lives.  We recognize that this message must be interpreted, made relevant, by God’s people for their own life context.



We believe in our call to a radical life of reconciliation, which includes engaging with people of diverse cultural, religious, and political backgrounds in building bridges of justice, mutuality, and solidarity.



We believe that God’s grace begins in us the process of healing and reconciliation.  We believe that Christ calls us to live and work in contexts where misunderstanding, injustice, and violence continue to prevent people from living fully human existences in peace and with the basic necessities.  We believe in our call to overcome, with others, narratives of pain and violence, to make peace with former enemies, and to develop a spirituality of reconciliation.


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