The Reverends Dr. Lynn and Deborah Hubbard bring to us a combined 56 years of experience as pastors. Lynn is a Doctor of Divinity emphasizing Cross Cultural/Multicultural Ministry and is ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and Deborah is ordained in the Presbyterian Church of The United States of America (PCUSA). They are coming to us from their most recent ministry at the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) at Rock Point, AZ. They ministered together as a team for five years to change NELM from a “white mission” to the Navajo into a school and mission run by the Navajo for the Navajo as a part of the ELCA Mission efforts in the Grand Canyon Synod. Lynn was the Executive Director to the Mission and he and Deborah were co-Pastors at The House of Prayer, Rock Point, AZ.

Together Lynn and Deborah bring to us a unique combination of talents with their understanding of our two traditions and with a deep commitment to the needs of each and every member of the Grace Good Shepherd family. They have a profound understanding of the role of mission to our congregation and to our role in fulfilling God’s commandment to “help the least of these”. They are both committed to social justice and fairness in society, and both are dedicated preachers who will lead us in meaningful, spiritual worship that will reveal the word and nature of God to us as we gather together to study and worship.



Dr. Lynn Hubbard


Lynn began his ministry as the Associate Dean of the Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago where he served as the Liturgist and preacher. He is a gifted acoustical guitarist and song writer and uses his music and extensive knowledge of liturgy to create a worship experience rich in spiritual diversity and depth. Lynn also served as interim pastor on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, as the Director of Development at the Institute for World Spirituality, Chicago, IL, and as Pastor for Eden Lutheran Church, Munising, MI. He is an adopted member of the Sincagu tribe of the Lakota Sioux. As part of his work with the Lakota, he has helped prepare graduate theological students for cross-cultural ministries.  He worked as the co-pastor with Deborah at The House of Prayer Church at Rock Point, AZ to provide spiritual leadership for the Navajo of the mission. He has extensive experience in fund raising and in financial management.


Lynn is also is the founder of  “The Center for Compassionate Christianity.” Focusing in the study of comparative religions and contemporary culture, the CCC promotes inter-faith understanding and respect through media presentations, retreats, and conferences. He is currently working on his third CD, “Beauty and Loss”.

Deborah Hubbard


Deborah has had an amazing career, including involvement in issues of social justice, leading congregations and working in missions. After ordination, while working with the San Francisco Council of Churches, she founded The Elizabeth Fry Center and developed an alternative sentencing program for mothers with infants. She worked directly with these women and their children, and she licensed the first day care center for children of incarcerated parents. She received the Restorative Justice Award from the PCUSA General Assembly in 1994 for this work. She went on to work as Vice-president of RDC Associates, Inc. Washington, DC which specialized in community corrections and substance abuse treatments. She then became the Director of the Center of Community Transformation, Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL, where she worked to bridge the gap between the church and the seminary, while also working with small inner-city congregations.  Deborah then became pastor of The First Presbyterian Church, Munising, MI, and later served as interim pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Chinle, AZ within the Navajo nation. Her most recent position was that of pastor at The House of Prayer, NELM, where she worked as a team with Lynn to develop that mission. She shared the role of pastor at the House of Prayer with Lynn and she developed a grant to create the “Hozo Café” which provided free breakfasts for the residents of Rock Point from Monday through Friday.


     Deborah brings with her a deep commitment to social justice and to teaching based on the scriptures. She will help lead us as we seek new missions for Grace Good Shepherd in our community.





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